Customized Products

Customers will appreciate your products especially when they are wrapped or boxed in an environmentally friendly package. Recyclaholics can help you apply your artwork and food service packaging needs to materials that are biodegradable and compostable.  

Based on your specific need, we can help your organization customize a sustainably made packaging product to suit any requirement you have for your customers and events. These might include a special bag, cup or custom container made from state of the art certified compostable materials. Recyclaholics has a great selection of sustainably harvested, certified compostable packaging with over 40 varieties for many different applications!

Food Service
Recyclaholics offers many alternatives to polystyrene and petro-based materials for food service. As municipalities start to ban these materials, we can offer you and your company products that suit your specific needs including: serving trays for meat, poultry, fish, etc., containers of a special shape or size including your company or product logo.

There are many eco-friendly materials that bags can be made from to suit your organization’s needs. Would you like to offer customers another option to the age old question of “paper or plastic?” We can offer you and your customers eco-friendly bags of all shapes and sizes that your customers will feel good about because they are made from agricultural – based materials and will fully biodegrade and compost. In addition, we can add your customized logo spoken with companies that sell tomatoes, garlic and other produce about using bio-mesh bagging products made from bio-sources.

We can help you let the world know about your products on our certified compostable labels with your message and logo! These can be designed with multiple colors and earth-friendly inks to be used with your biodegradable and compostable food service ware, cellophane bags, or custom packaging.


"Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't."

- Richard Bach


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