REcyclaholics' Zero Waste Backyard Compostable Picnic Pack

Enjoy a fun and eco-friendly picnic with REcyclaholic's own 100% certified compostable Picnic Pack with products made from sugarcane, potato, corn, plant cellulose, and recycled paper that can be easily composted in your backyard. All the products can be used with hot or cold food.


  • 8 9" plates,
  • 8 12 ounce bowls,
  • 8 12 ounce cups,
  • 8 potato forks,
  • 8 potato spoons,
  • 4 potato knives,
  • 8 napkins,
  • 2 food bags,
  • 4 doggy waste bags,
  • 1 compost bag for all of your food and product waste,
  • an educational compost manual
The contents of the Picnic Pack are packaged in a reusable recycling container.

Price per Picnic Pack $21.50. Minimum order is 60 Picnic Packs $1,290 for 60 Picnic Packs

Your Retail Resale Price could be $29.99

Compostable Product prices fluctuate as agricultural & commodity prices fluctuate.

Plus shipping & handling.

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