The age of dinosaurs is long over. Instead of fossil fuels, let’s rely on natural, compostable products made from crops and residual agricultural waste to build the products and fuel we use to serve our companies and communities. Look inside to see how Recyclaholics can help your business go green.

  • 100% Bio-degradable Food Containers are made from the combination of abundant and renewable materials such as natural starches from corn, potatoes, palm leaves, tapioca, fiber wastes and water

  • Biodegradable and compostable in 45-60 days after use when placed in a proper composting facility

  • Certified by the biodegradable Products Institute to be compliant with the ASTM D 6400-99-01 composting standards

  • These products when discarded naturally decay when in contact with composting aids such as bacteria and soil microbes

  • They are made from agricultural materials but resemble their plastic counterparts in appearance and durability

  • Several products can be used in both the microwave and freezer

  • Custom designed to suit specific customer needs

Fact: Disposable Item Timeline in Months to Biodegrade (from

  • Recyclaholics products 2-3 (when composted properly)
  • Cotton rags: 1-5
  • Paper: 2-5
  • Rope 3-14
  • Orange peels: 6
  • Cigarette butts: 12-144
  • Paper milk cartons (plastic coated): 60
  • Plastic bags: 120-240
  • Leather shoes: 300-480
  • Nylon fabric: 360-480
  • Tin cans: 600-1200
  • Plastic 6-pack holder rings: 5400
  • Glass bottles: 12 million
  • Plastic bottles: Forever

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- William W. Purkey

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