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Who We Are:

The Company
We believe that respecting the earth is aligned with bottom-line business economics. Our company was formed with the health and wealth of the planet and its living communities in mind. Today Recology Solutions is a rapidly growing socially conscious business committed to generating profit by selling products and services that benefit the environment.


Lisa Mitchell: Chief Executive Officer
Scott Bodley: VP National Accounts, Recycling Consultant
Terry Gips: Senior Consultant, founder Sustainability Associates
Alexas Kelly: Sustainability Consultant

Lisa Mitchell 
Lisa Mitchell is the CEO of Recyclaholics. With more than 8 years of industry experience, she has established successful recycling programs, conducted global research and worked with a wide variety of food service products, resources and materials, manufacturing processes and product applications. She founded Recyclaholics in 2001 as an eco-friendly company offering one-stop shopping across a broad range of certified biodegradable and compostable products. In her efforts as one of the first companies in this industry, she built a large customer base with a multitude of corporations such as Nvidia, non-profits such as Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and schools such as Point Loma University. She has been a pioneer in establishing national awareness for sustainable packaging products and participated in numerous zero waste festivals and programs such as Green Fest, All Things Organic, Bare Naked Planet and the Sundance Film Festival. Prior to founding Recyclaholics, she served as the lead marketing manager for Walter’s Recycling and Refuse, a local refuse company in Minnesota where she developed formal recycling programs for a broad base of customers.

Scott Bodley
Scott Bodley is our VP of National Accounts and has over 5 years consulting experience. We understand the needs, wants and desires of the human being who wishes to make their world a better place for themselves, family and mankind. Recyclaholics was created to provide a WASTE FREE lifestyle for the very discerning and compassionate human being.

"As a former collegiate athlete, coach and Chief Operating Officer, I understand the importance of Focus, Communication, Teamwork, Customer Service, Dedication to Craft and Achieving Goals."
Our expertise as well as contacts brings competence and the talent needed to provide you the highest quality zer0-waste products and services. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining one of your most valuable assets...Planet Earth!

For more information and/or a proposal contact:

Scott Bodley, VP National Accounts
Recycling Consultant
Cell: 608-217-1873
Internet Phone/Fax: 206-424-9121
Office: 612-521-LOOP (5667)


Terry Gips
Terry Gips provides sustainable strategy as a senior consultant. Terry is a widely published ecologist, agricultural economist, sustainability business consultant, Adjunct Professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, independent Natural Step Framework instructor and speaker. He is the President of Sustainability Associates, and previously served as Aveda Corporation Director of Ecological Affairs and Sustainability, Cargill economic analyst and grain merchant, White House and Congressional aide, co-founder and Director of the Cooperative Extension Service Sacramento Community Garden Program, and brokerage assistant with the Wall Street investment firm Neuberger and Berman. He is the co-founder of the Alliance for Sustainability and volunteers as its President.

Alexas Kelly
Alexas Kelly graduated from Boston University with a BA in Environmental Analysis & Policy.

After college Alexas worked as Project Manager, QA Analyst, and Technical Writer for a computer consulting firm. Upon starting a family in 1999, Alexas and her husband started a design build & green building construction firm. She ran all financial aspects of the business. During this time she strengthened her commitment to the environment by bringing her own bags to the grocery store, to eat only organically produced foods, to use only natural cleaning and household products, to vegetarianism, recycling, and reducing her carbon footprint by riding her bike. She and her husband completed home renovations that are eco-friendly, including reuse of materials and an installation of a cutting edge building integrated photovoltaic & thermal solar for electricity, heat, and hot water. In 2007 she and her husband were featured on Fox 25 News for their green innovations.

In 2006, Alexas became a leader and advisor to a local environmental group, SEED or Seacoast Energy and Environment Design that is actively involved in community education and outreach on green living topics. Since that time Alexas has been involved in many various green-living projects including:

  • Teaching seminars on green living: showing people the means and methods of green living, giving them inspiration and power to move forward with making changes in their own lives.
  • Completing the Natural Step Course: a course that teaches sustainability through methods that help communities and institutions how to build safer, healthier environments, save money, reduce waste, and improve performance while becoming environmentally and socially responsible.
  • Working on a Zero-Waste ordinance for the city of Newburyport
  • Contributing to the Cities for Climate Protection Initiative for the City of Newburyport
  • Consulting for the City of Newburyport to speak to school children about environmental and recycling issues.
  • Writing articles on green living and reuse for local journals.
  • Co-owning with her husband, a construction company that specialized in green building and thermal solar and photovoltaic solutions.
  • Coordinated and managed the Zero Waste Program at the NYC Go Green Expo for Recyclaholics, LLC.

In early 2007, Alexas became a Sustainability Consultant for Recyclaholics, LLC, educating local and national businesses on the benefits of switching from petroleum-based plastics and polystyrene to compostable packaging, including doing Zero Waste Consulting for businesses, restaurants, and “Green” events. Her life purpose and mantra is to educate, inspire, and empower businesses and individuals to adopt conscious sustainability in their work and home practices.

Board of Advisors

Terry Gips (see above)

Rob Howe
Rob Howe has over 14 years of business development and project management experience in the high tech industry with companies such as MCI, Genuity and Availant. Rob has successfully worked at the executive level with clients such as Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Thomson Companies and Scudder Investments and managed their complex implementations. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Seacoast Energy & Environmental Design (SEED) Coalition, is the Director of the SEED Green Living Group, is the Founder and Director of the Newburyport Zero Waste Project, and teaches several education courses focused on sustainability practices. He embraces corporate social responsibility as the crucial next step in business evolution.

M Morton Mitchell
Mr. Mitchell is founder and president of First Components International (FCI) a semiconductor technology company with offices in Taiwan and Phoenix, Arizona. The privately held company generates yearly sales exceeding $7M. Customers include Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and Microsemi among many others. Previously, he was VP Engineering and Business Development with General Instrument, Power Semiconductor Division and held senior engineering positions with RCA and Bell Laboratories having been awarded 9 patents and numerous awards throughout his career. In addition to his engineering background he brings broad experience and knowledge in strategic decision making, overseas production, contract negotiations, both domestic and international operations and planning, finances and marketing to Recology Solutions where resource preservation during the growth phase is paramount.

Joe Nedder
Joe Nedder is Vice President, Performance Consulting for Fidelity Investments working primarily with the leadership teams of Fidelity Management and Research Company (FMRCo) and Pyramis Global Advisors (PGA). He has spent over 15 years leading companies with a focus on forging strong business relationships and has successful experience with venture funding and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to that, Joe was the CEO of SofCheck, Inc, a premier provider of automated software quality (ASQ) solutions and a pioneer in the field of static error detection technology with customers such as NASA, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman. Joe also served as President of Availant, a product and services company leader in the high availability space with customers such as IBM, HP and EMC. Prior to Availant, Joe was a Director at Cambridge Technology Partners, a premier provider of 3-tier open systems solutions for Fortune 500 Companies. Joe began his career at General Electric where he held a variety of positions within the Automated Systems Division.

William O’Brien
William O’Brien has been a partner in a Boston, Massachusetts law firm and has served as general counsel for three companies.  Mr. O’Brien has assisted numerous technology companies in a wide variety of licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and financing transactions, and he has further specialized in corporate governance and international law. His equity and debt financings experience has included individual transaction amounts up to $50 million.  He has lead negotiation and closing of corporate acquisitions involving in excess of $25 million in consideration. Mr. O’Brien has served on the board of directors of several companies, including Software.com, Inc., before its successful public listing.  His community involvement includes serving as an elected member of his local school board and as a state representative in New Hampshire.

Gina Del Vecchio
Gina Del Vecchio is the founder of Gina Del Vecchio & Associates, a San Francisco-based business and strategy firm providing solutions on core business and product strategy. She has over 25 years of experience in providing strategic direction and execution support to start-up and growth companies. As a nationally recognized expert in global supply-chain and consumption-chain practices for consumer products, Gina has advised firms such as Gymboree Corporation and Whole Foods Market providing analysis of inventory efficiencies, supply-chain improvements, and review of socially responsible sourcing practices.

Dennis Wernecke
Dennis Werneke is the founder and CEO of American Chemical, Inc. The company is currently the largest selling Distributor of Adhesive and Sealants in the MN area with 2006 revenues of over $2.5M. Dennis provides expertise in operations and inventory management and he is a Board member of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce.


Socially Responsible Business

Our mission is to be the world's leader in providing zero waste, sustainable solutions in packaging and food service.

Our vision is a sustainable world, one that is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane, embodying our highest values.

Our strategy for accomplishing this is through creative, win-win-win partnerships with suppliers, customers, communities and other stakeholders based on superior service and the highest quality, innovative, sustainable products and services.

We incorporate sustainability and social responsibility in all of our policies, practices and products through a triple bottom line approach emphasizing people, planet and profits.

We understand our leadership role in the community and seek to be a model by making the following sustainability and social responsibility commitments:

  • Being a zero waste, toxic-free, carbon neutral company utilizing 100% renewable electricity.

  • Purchasing green products from fellow sustainable, socially responsible companies.

  • Training all of our staff in the Natural Step Framework for sustainability, offering this training for our suppliers and customers and utilizing it in our sustainability action plan and decision-making.

  • Creating a safe, respectful, responsible, diverse, creative and fun workplace that honors our team members by engaging them in decision making and providing excellent compensation, benefits, training and opportunities for growth.

  • Being a socially and environmentally responsible community member working as a partner with suppliers, customers, government agencies, media and other stakeholders.

  • Having a diverse, respectful and responsible Board of Directors that practices socially responsible governance.

  • Donating 10% of our profits in the form of cash, in-kind products and services to non-profits and community groups committed to helping implement our vision of sustainability.

  • Providing four days of paid time a year for our staff to volunteer in the community and matching the contributions of our staff to non-profits aligned with our vision of sustainability.

  • Setting annual sustainability goals which are evaluated every year and reported publicly in an annual sustainability report for stakeholders based on the Global Reporting Initiative.

  • Supporting public policies which help create a sustainable society.


"Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction."

- M. Gandhi



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